Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs


Island Wide Chimney Services is PEI’s premier, full-service dealer. We provide sales, installation, inspection and maintenance services on everything we sell.

Chimney Restoration and Repair

Chimneys are exposed to the outside elements and require maintenance or repairs to prevent deterioration.  Moisture absorption, decayed mortar joints, and cement crowns, flaking brick or inadequate footings are all issues that contribute to a faulty chimney.  In many cases, these repairs are minimal in cost if addressed in time.  If the repairs or maintenance are postponed or delayed, structural damage to the chimney or home can easily be incurred.  Any appliance that is not properly fitted for its chimney can cause a problem, including the energy efficient gas and oil furnaces that have become so popular in recent years. Its now recommended that when you install a new appliance, the flue be reduced in accordance with their guidelines for that appliance. When the flue does not vent quickly and efficiently, any home becomes a danger zone.

Common Chimney and Masonry Repairs

Damper Repair – a damper stops heat from escaping up your chimney when the fireplace is not in use. If your fireplace does not have a damper or a tight-fitting set of glass doors you are pumping money up your chimney. Give us a call! We offer throat dampers and top dampers

Crown Repair – the crown covers the top of your chimney and stops water from getting into the masonry below it. If the crown is damaged — cracked, crumbling or otherwise — it can lead to big, costly and dangerous problems down the road. Island Chimney Services can repair your crown problems before that happens.

Repointing/Spalling – the masonry on your chimney is exposed to the elements, and since bricks are porous, they’re easily damaged by the effects of things like water and ice over time. Concrete can begin chipping and flaking — known as spalling — and it’s both complex and hugely important to repair it. If your chimney is showing the signs of spalling, or defective bricks or mortar joints that need repointing or tuckpointing, Island Wide Chimney Services can do the repairs you need, the right way.

Rebuilds/Renovations & Restorations – we specialize in rebuilding and restoring chimneys, no matter the circumstances. Hard-to-find bricks or other special circumstances? Island Wide Chimney Services can rebuild, renovate or restore it, better-than-new chimney.

Relining & Flue Sealant – a chimney lining can be damaged by water, fire or even just the settling that comes with time. And many older chimneys weren’t built with a liner in the first place. Those are just a few reasons you might need or want to reline your chimney or repair it with a flue sealant. With our thorough inspections, we can tell if your chimney would benefit from a sealant or relining, and install the right fit for your needs.

Chimney Leaks & Waterproofing – water can get into your chimney in many different ways, from the crown to the flashing. And leaks can lead to erosion and rust. Island Wide Chimney Services can find and fix your leaks, and we can also add a waterproofing treatment that will protect and lengthen the life of your chimney.

Flashing – protects your chimney from water where it and roofline meet. Damaged flashing can allow water to leak in and seriously damage your chimney. When there’s a problem with the flashing, it’s best to call us — not a roofer — to fix it.

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